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two people recycling plastic bottles.

If you have been with us from the beginning then you know that one of the major goals we've had from the start was to try and eliminate as much single use plastic from our packaging as possible. We started with our bath bomb and soap wrap replacing them with bio film , we followed suit with the body scrub containers by replacing them with small Kraft board tubs. We're now expanding this by giving the option, in the very near future, of having your soaps delivered naked or with tissue paper, we also are going to start offering rewards points for customers who return our empty wax tart clam shells and room freshener bottles. You'll be able to do this by requesting a return slip, you will need to ship USPS and will need a, free, USPS priority bubble envelope. All returned containers must have our label on it to get credit. We may even list this as free digital option so that it is easier to get the packages returned. We still have a long way to go for lowering our plastic usage but we are taking several steps in the right direction. These are all things we plan to put into affect before the year's end and we likely roll out by the end of this month.


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