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Christmas release, blowout sale, and hiatus.

Greetings and salutations! I am going to try and keep this a brief as possible, I'm sure from the title you already gathered the reason for this post.

We are burnout, there is no other way to say it. We went from lock down during in 2020 to being evicted from our home in 2021. We made a mad dash to be moved from our home of twelves in July of 2021 where we moved into a nightmare of a home run by exaggeration. At the end of our lease from the wickedest landlord there ever was we wound up in a year long struggle with them to fight false accusations. The false charges were a shock to our already exhausted systems. So quick recap we moved twice over the course of two years and had to fight our ex-landlord as they had accused us of stealing appliances and damaging property. We took nearly no rest in between these moves and that decisions has finally caught up to us. We need rest! So during the entire month of December we are going to rest. There will be no work done whatsoever during that one month.

Following our vacation our website will remain closed for the first quarter of the new year. This is because we wish to rebrand our company. we won't be changing our name again just what we offer. Some items won't return after well sellout, others will get makeovers. There will be a significant drop in our mainstay bath bombs. Sells have dropped severely for bath bombs and having such a high variety is no longer profitable and we will offer our best sellers only. The money we save from lowering our bath bomb production will give us the means to invest in our business from course to improve our already amazing products to equipment upgrades that will ease our process when creating. We've been working on new items for sometime and we are so excited to be able to share them with you all!

Now what you have undoubtedly been waiting for! Our Christmas items are now live, and with it comes our blowout sale. We want to start fresh in the new year so for the remainder of this month the entire site, including Christmas items will be discounted with some savings as high as 50% off! We are also offering free shipping for the remainder of November for orders of $75 or more, just use code: freeship. There are two automatic discounts currently running 15% of $40 to $99 and 25% off $100 or more. We have marked the

items that are being discontinued with a ribbon so make sure you grab your favorites.

If you've made it this far, thank you! We greatly appreciate your constant support and can't wait to share our journey with you. We know four months is a long wait but we promise with will be worth it. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or shoot us an email.

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